At Meteor Dreams, we believe in giving back to our Community. Our definition of Community starts in the Fieldscorner neighborhood of Dorchester and extends to the rest of the technology community of Boston and beyond.

Having the opportunity to advise, develop products and teams for Fortune-100 to Fortune-500 as well as startup companies, we strongly believe that having a kind and inclusive team would provide a much higher quality of work and a richer working environment.

We try to help our Community by providing:


Our team is made up of highly skilled engineers and executives who had worked in various technologies and industries.

Depending on availability and opportunities, each team member usually provide career advices and guidance to one or two mentees throughout the year.

We’re proud to have team members actively mentoring in programs like Year Up.


Experience tells us that the best way to help someone move from one skill level to another is through real work experience in an old-school style of apprenticeship.

Actually getting paid to code, design and meet face-to-face with our clients, apprentices get to level up in multiple skill areas at once.

To date, our apprentices had gone on to do amazing work as well as leading some of the most productive and successful teams in different industries.

Interested in career mentorship or being an engineering apprentice with us? Please get in touch: